Gas Explosion Lawsuit Lawyer

Our lawyers represent petrochemical, propane, and natural gas explosion victims and their families throughout the United States.


We represent people injured by negligence or other wrongdoing by employers, gas companies, landlords, manufacturers and\or any other potential parties responsible for deaths or pain and disfigurement caused by a gas explosion.

Compensation for the Injured

Our gas explosion lawyers help burn victims or survivors and their families with financial needs (medical bills, lost income, cost of care). Our lawyers work to obtain fair compensation for physical pain, emotional distress, disfigurement, loss of life or quality of life, other damages caused by an explosion.

We believe our clients deserve access to the best specialists available to deal with the physical and emotional consequences of burn injuries.

Gas ExplosionFree Legal Consultation

Contact our lawyers for a free legal consultation if you or a loved one has been injured in a gas explosion accident.

Gas Explosion Causes

Most gas explosions are caused by an undiagnosed problem with a propane tank, gas line, or a home or business appliance. When a gas line is involved, there may be a claim against the gas company, or against another company that ruptured a pipeline, and/or against a landlord or other kind of building owner. Explosions involving a gas appliance may be caused by a defect in the appliance, or by a mistake by a company that serviced the appliance.

Propane Leak Lawsuit

Propane can leak from a tank incorrectly filled or from an appliance improperly installed.

Line Explosion

Most LP or natural gas explosion cases involve a rupture in a natural gas transmission pipeline in a residential area. A ruptured pipeline can lead to an exploding house. Injured parties can sue for a house explosion if they have a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Third Party Liability

A party not part of the gas service can sometimes be responsible for a gas explosion. Some gas line ruptures are not caused by the gas company. Sometimes a cable company or a builder can rupture another’s gas line. A cable company, for example, which has failed to properly train its employees to detect a gas leak, can end up being responsible for a gas explosion.

Exploding Appliances

Any appliance can malfunction and cause dangerous gas accumulation, including:

•  air conditioning unit
•  central heater
•  dryer
•  gas lights
•  generator
•  space heater
•  outdoor grill
•  oven
•  pool heater
•  water heater

Liable Parties

Liability (legal responsibility) for damages attributable to a malfunctioning appliance could fall on one or more parties:

  • Company supplying gas
  • Company that installed or repaired the appliance
  • Appliance seller
  • Appliance maker
  • Appliance distributor

Gas Explosion Lawsuit Lawyer

Lawyers at our firm thoroughly investigate petrochemical, natural gas, or propane (LP) gas explosion cases. We pursue claims against all responsible parties. Our gas explosion lawyers handle explosion cases involving a house, apartment building, workplace, restaurant, or other locations of building explosions.

Natural Gas Safety Tips

Natural gas has no odor of its own, so companies add an odorant as a warning precaution. This odor smells terrible in order to immediately indicate a possible gas leak. Anyone who smells gas should follow some basic safety tips to avoid potentially catastrophic injury.

If you smell gas:

•  Don’t turn on a light.
•  Don’t switch on anything electrical.
•  Don’t light a match.
•  Don’t use your phone.
•  Alert others and leave immediately.
•  Call the gas utility from a neighbor’s house or other location.
•  Tell the gas utility where you are so you can let them in your abandoned house.