Philly Jury hits Vein Filter Co. with $34M Judgment
(October 28, 2019) - A Philadelphia jury returned a $33.7 million verdict today after agreeing Rex Medical LP had defectively designed a blood clot-catching vein filter. The medical device perforated a major blood vessel
E-Cigarette Kills Texas Man
(Sept. 28, 2019) E-cigarettes may be promoted as a safe alternative to real cigarette smoking, but e-cigarettes can kill a person just as effectively as real ones can. Earlier this year, a 24-year-old Texas
Juul Lawsuit filed for Stroke Victim
(July 29, 2019) A Juul lawsuit was filed for a stroke victim last week. Lawyers filed a Juul e-cigarette lawsuit for a 22-year-old Connecticut man. The lawsuit petition claims he smoked two Juul pods
IVC Filter case filed against Rex Medical
(June 15, 2019)  Matthews & Associates Law Firm, attorney Tim Goss, and Philadelphia attorney Rosemary Pinto filed an IVC filter lawsuit against Rex Medical L.P. and Argon Medical Devices, Inc. on March 6, 2017 in
HIV Drug Lawsuits filed over Tenofovir
Gilead’s TDF Drugs cause Serious Side Effects Men claim HIV drug caused bone and kidney problems. Lawyers have also filed a related class action lawsuit against Gilead. (May 15, 2019) Two California men living with
Uloric Gout Drug Lawsuits
Uloric Cardiovascular Injuries – Heart Attacks & Strokes Gout drug lawsuits are being filed over Uloric, a medication designed to help treat chronic gout. A Uloric gout drug lawsuit alleges the maker of Uloric failed
FDA won’t Ban Implants Linked to Cancer
(May 2, 2019)   The U.S. FDA said yesterday that it won’t ban a certain textured breast implant linked to a type of cancer.  The agency has, however, strengthened warnings on textured breast implants.
J & J settles 3 More Talc-Mesothelioma Lawsuits
(April 25, 2019) Johnson & Johnson settled three more talcum powder-mesothelioma lawsuits this week.  All three cases were in the midst of trials brought by women who claimed they were exposed to asbestos while
Shocker: FDA hides Thousands of Medical Device Problems
(March 8, 2019) A shocking report from Kaiser Health News has found that the FDA hides thousands of medical device problems from patients and their doctors.  The FDA has, for nearly two decades, allowed
IVC Filter Maker Cook hit with $3 Million Verdict
(Feb. 9, 2019) — An IVC filter company, Cook Medical, was hit with a $3 million verdict on Feb. 1 by an Indianapolis jury.  The jury returned their verdict just before midnight Friday.  They
Criminal Deceptions drive Drug Company Profits
Would you trust your life or the lives of your loved ones to known criminals?  Criminal deceptions drive drug company profits. Doctored studies, international bribery, deceptive marketing, outright lies, fraud, and kickbacks are the norm